Photo Scanning


($30 minimum)

Loose photos: 50¢ per photo 
(min. 2" x 2 1/2"; max. 8 1/2" x 14")

Photos outside the min/max: $1.00 per photo 
(scanned on flatbed)

All photos scanned at 600 dpi. 
Includes minor color correction.

Photo albums/Scrapbook albums:
   1-200: $3.00 per page
   201-500: $2.75 per page
   501+: $2.50 per page

Scrapbook albums scanned at 300 dpi. 
(600 dpi available upon  request at an additional .25 per page)

Large memorabilia: $1.00 per item (children’s art, maps, etc.)
Documents: 35¢ per page (no staples, paper clips okay)
Memorabilia and documents scanned at 300 dpi.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Tips to prepare photos for scanning:

  1. Organize and sort your photos (by date, family member, event, topic and/or size
  2. Be sure all photos are clean (no foreign residue), otherwise it may cause streaks.
  3. Remove all photos from frames
  4. Remove all photos from “magnetic” photo albums. These are very damaging to photos. (Any photos NOT removed from albums will be removed at $20 per album.)
  5. Any hard/cardboard-type photos will need to be flatbead scanned ($1.00 per photo)
  6. All digital images will be returned on a flash drive. You may supply the flash drive, or we can supply one for $15.00.
  7. OPTION: Photos can be uploaded to your FOREVER® account at no charge. Click below to open your account:



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