Custom Book Pricing

Per Page (includes front and back cover)

Size                        AutoPrint                Design & Print               Custom Designed
8" x 8"                    $5.00                           $7.50                                     $10.00
8.5" x 11"              Not available           Not available                     $12.50
10" x 10"              $5.00                            $7.50                                      $12.50
11" x 8.5"             $5.00                            Not available                     $12.50
12" x 12"              $7.50                           $10.00                                    $15.00

AutoPrint: VERY simple pages (see Engagement and Wedding on Custom Photo Books page)
Design & Print: Some design elements, but still very simple design (see 2015 Jones Album on Custom Photo Books page)
Custom Designed: Fully customized pages (see The Story of Doris and Memories of Charles and Alice)

All books come with 21 pages, plus front and back cover. Additional pages are extra, with a maximum of 99 pages. The 12x12 Custom Designed book can have a maximum of 199 pages.
The above prices DO NOT include the price of the actual book or shipping. 


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